About The Club

The Minneapolis Billiard Club is a private, members only key club. Members have 24/7 access for a monthly or yearly fee. We are located near the Quarry in Northeast Minneapolis off of Broadway & Stinson.


Our Club is primarily focused on promoting the game of three cushion billiards, but support other games too. We currently have two 10' Verhoeven heated 3 cushion billiard tables, one 9' Diamond pool table, and one 7' Valley pool table. Upstairs in our lounge we have real darts, a couch, and assorted strategy, board & card games, and wargames (ex. GMT, DVG, Fantasy Flight Games, etc.).


Our Club is NOT open to the public, however Members can bring guests for a daily fee. We host at least one major regional 3 cushion billiard tournament every year (MBC Fall Classic), and routinely stream matches via Twitch and upload them to our Youtube channel. Please contact us if you would like a tour to check the place out or you want some competitive or friendly action on the table. We also have a lathe so we can put a tip on your cue if needed.


We were established in 2005 to ensure there is a place in the Twin Cities to play carom billiards on nice equipment. You can usually find a game of 3 cushion or straight pool very easily, and if not, there is always the cribbage board.

Inside view of the club